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  • Ethernet – CCA or Full Copper, is CCA overly demonised?
    for quite a few years, companies that sell and manufacture copper based CAT ethernet cables have been demonising CCA (Copper clad Aluminium) cables, with some even stating that standards such as cat5e define having pure copper at as part of the spec. What is a RJ45 ethernet cable? So how to identify if its CCA […]
  • My experience with 4 free mainstream linux distros for newbs
    (Warning, lots of personal experience and rant, all images came from wikimedia/wikipedia except for ubuntu which as usual relies on the individual websites for resources – seeklogo) Here i’ll discuss my experience of years of using different linux distros specifically for newbs who want to start using linux and which one to pick. My main […]
  • Cryptocurrency is usually a new investment opportunity for many.
    Where to get Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency is usually a new investment opportunity for many. On-line users, changelly review particularly, can make use of the Internet to purchase and sell virtual currencies like Bitcoin. Despite the fact that the majority of Bitcoin exchanges are legitimate, you may still would like to study on just before you buy […]
  • About the Covid-19 Coronavirus in malaysia
    Malaysia has been doing well in handling the virus, with low death rates, one of the lowest in the world. Malaysia started taking action late, with the new prime minister taking action when the old one didnt by introducing a movement control order and making it strict due to the bad mentality of malaysians not […]
  • How to optimise your network/webste/application during these high traffic pandemic times
    Many ISPs dont have much access to international bandwidths too, wifi and mobile shared architectureWith the pandemic, most people are staying at home and using the internet more. During these times, backbones get taxed a lot more and exposes a lot of ISP’s bad infrastructure and setup. There are many ways to optimise traffic but […]
  • About the Covid-19 Coronavirus and stay safe
    About Corona virus + hyped and used as cover for financial meltdownThe coronavirus/covid-19/ccp wuhan virus is a strain of virus that evolved from animals which spread to humans from poor hygiene (common in chinese culture in china) from a wet market. It has spread around the world and caused unnecessary panic, with it is being […]
  • Guide to the digital data room | virtual deal rooms
    Today, people are undertaking more and more on the net stuff. To shop online, education lessons, and connection have become a lifestyle for most People in america. Companies also do even more online. Many workers commence teleworking and some clients prefer online communication over personal. This move to the web has made it difficult for […]
  • More Content Coming Soon
    The lack of frequency for content has been due to limited free time which i have used to improve this site but havent finished doing so. In mid march you should be seeing content more often as i would have a lot more free time, and i have a lot of content already written but […]
  • To a new year 2020
    Although late I would like to wish happy new year. Ive recently started a new job with really bad hours so my time to write is severely limited. I would like to wish happy new year and thank the Indonesians for hacking us a few times last year. They provided us an invaluable service for […]
  • How hackers cheat (analysis)
    How they cheat (analysis) Memory manipulation and library injection – reading and writing to a memory Common base Dedicated application / driver Direct memory manipulation Abusing gameplay script Patching the data and executable Gameplay exploits Bypassing the protection Finding the right offsets Finding execution methods for gameplay script Combination with exploits and gameplay logic What […]
  • RawSec #9
    rawSEC Meetup #9 2019 In summary, rawSEC is a non-profit community effort which intends to provide a strong platform for local information security talents to share and contribute their knowledge to the community. rawSEC existence is to address the current industry gap by bridging the education sector and industry through a series of meetups and discussion session which would produce […]
  • RawSec #8
    Malaysia CyberSecurity Community” Date : Friday 27/9/2019Time : 8.00pm onward Location : Wisma Tech Titan, Level 15, BO3-C-15-1, Menara 3A, No. 3 Jalan Bangsar, KL Eco City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur Can park at Masjid Abdullah Hukum or by public transport Station Abdullah Hukum Agenda 730PM – 800PM: Registration 800PM – 815PM:  Opening Remark by Bill Tan, […]
  • RawSec #7
    Date: 30/08/2019 8PM-11PM Venue:1st Floor, HeiTech Village UEP Subang Jaya, Persiaran Kewajipan, Usj 1, 47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor Sponsor: Heitech Padu Bhd Programme: 7.30PM – 8.00PM: Registration 8.00PM – 8.15PM: Welcome Speech by HeiTech 8.15PM – 8.45PM: Cyber Crime VS Cyber Law – Siraj Jalil 8.45PM – 9.15PM: How to become a competent application security […]
  • UITM Hacking CTF Competition 2019
    Hacking CTF competition and ICTF in UITM Jasin November 2019
  • How to deal with ransomware
    With ransomware attacks on the rise, big organisations like the NHS, banks like CIMB and national posts like POS Malaysia have been victims, costing lots of money and downtime for critical services. Even some cities in the US have been affected bringing down their admin systems and delaying processes for weeks. The spread of ransomware […]

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