NanoSec 2018 Conference

On October 10, 2018 08:00am, NanoSec had its first conference at InterContinental Hotel Kuala Lumpur with the maximum capacity of 300 filled to the brim Schedule of events Session Speaker Opening Keynote: We Don’t Need No Education: The Search for Pwnstars Dhillon ‘L33tdawg’ Kannabhiran Bug Bounty – Why is it so hard? Ahmad ‘yappare’ Ashraff […]

List of useful linux commands that i regularly use (in progress)

Mastering the terminal is important, but there are many utilities and command that make your job easier. Below i’ll list a few easy ways i use to manage linux severs Remoting in Below are the list of utilities i reliably use to manage linux systems. I find teamviewer to be an unreliable way and windows […]

Ethernet – CCA or Full Copper, is CCA overly demonised?

for quite a few years, companies that sell and manufacture copper based CAT ethernet cables have been demonising CCA (Copper clad Aluminium) cables, with some even stating that standards such as cat5e define having pure copper at as part of the spec. What is a RJ45 ethernet cable? So how to identify if its CCA […]

My experience with 4 free mainstream linux distros for newbs

(Warning, lots of personal experience and rant, all images came from wikimedia/wikipedia except for ubuntu which as usual relies on the individual websites for resources – seeklogo) Here i’ll discuss my experience of years of using different linux distros specifically for newbs who want to start using linux and which one to pick. My main […]

Cryptocurrency is usually a new investment opportunity for many.

Where to get Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency is usually a new investment opportunity for many. On-line users, changelly review particularly, can make use of the Internet to purchase and sell virtual currencies like Bitcoin. Despite the fact that the majority of Bitcoin exchanges are legitimate, you may still would like to study on just before you buy […]

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