The mindset that makes Malaysia still a 3rd world country

Malaysia, despite being known globally is typically still referred to or remembered as a place where people live on trees or that is poor in the west. Well they aren’t wrong on the 2nd bit. Despite gaining independence more than half a century ago, the country still fails to perform well to bring itself to […]

When your mesh WiFi isn’t mesh

Do you long for mesh wifi or already have them? Well look further as most mesh wifi products out there are rebadged wifi extenders. Recently where I work upgraded their ISP and got 2 different types of mesh WiFi APs in pairs. The problem of mesh WiFi has been something I mentioned long ago on […]

How to verify manufacturer battery capacity claims

Whenever you want to buy a powerbank for your phone, or battery, how do you know the capacity is falsified? After all dealing with fake products and returns can be a pain and at times costly as marketplaces only follow laws if exist. For example in eBay UK, I had to pay to return a […]

Why the “if it ain’t broke dont fix it” attitude is fatal in IT

In the tech industry or world, things always move and change but quite often you will find people who will not allow things to be updated or changed because it still works. They’ll say “if it aint broke don’t fix it” to avoid going through the pains and issues if say you wanted to update […]

Reduce your work hours, Double your productivity

Someone once introduced a new practice in india and wrote the book “Employees first” which mentioned to prioritise your employees who will prioritise your customers and business. When he went to china to give his speech, they did not believe him and instead he asked “how would you like to double your profits”. Im guessing […]

Creating the fastest hosting service for wordpress

So you want to host or offer hosting focused around WordPress based websites? Although WordPress is a php based cms that uses SQL and generates frontend code, WordPress by itself is superfast, lightweight and secure. However most WordPress websites use custom themes and plugins which themselves add their own features with some popular plugins containing […]

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