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Chef vs Ansible vs Puppet vs Terraform vs Saltstack

Infrastructure as code is managing and provisioning of infrastructure using code (basically property files and configuration files that define your setup and configuration files for the software you plan to use on it) instead of manually doing it. Using an automated method to handle your infrastructure saves a lot of time that lets you do… Read More »Chef vs Ansible vs Puppet vs Terraform vs Saltstack

Overprovisioning and Overusing compute resources

The hosting market today is a very competitive place, providing various services including support and services that manage your service. Whether you are just hosting a website on a shared host, VMs, containers or even dedicated rentals, due to competitive pricing, everyone overprovisions except if mentioned which are typically more expensive. A dedicated VM service… Read More »Overprovisioning and Overusing compute resources

Chaining AJAX+REST /w wordpress vs refreshing

AJAX, asynchronous javascript requests and RESTful APIs together can create an interactive web experience in a manner that reduces resource usage in both CPU and network without having to reload the whole page, but despite the colourful sounding technology, is this better than the plain old method? In this article i’ll be discussing the usage… Read More »Chaining AJAX+REST /w wordpress vs refreshing

Creating the fastest hosting service for wordpress

So you want to host or offer hosting focused around WordPress based websites? Although WordPress is a php based cms that uses SQL and generates frontend code, WordPress by itself is superfast, lightweight and secure. However most WordPress websites use custom themes and plugins which themselves add their own features with some popular plugins containing… Read More »Creating the fastest hosting service for wordpress