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RawSEC Virtual Meetup #01

On the night of 23’rd January 2021 RawSEC gathered online due to covid-19, holding the usual talks but without the pleasure of promotions, food, networking and hangout fun. Sadly this is the way until end of year when covid-19 finally disappears Speakers: “How I found Blind SQLi in PrestaShop (CVE-2020-15160)” – Sheikh Rizan “TPOT your… Read More »RawSEC Virtual Meetup #01

Chaining AJAX+REST /w wordpress vs refreshing

AJAX, asynchronous javascript requests and RESTful APIs together can create an interactive web experience in a manner that reduces resource usage in both CPU and network without having to reload the whole page, but despite the colourful sounding technology, is this better than the plain old method? In this article i’ll be discussing the usage… Read More »Chaining AJAX+REST /w wordpress vs refreshing

Why the “if it ain’t broke dont fix it” attitude is fatal in IT

In the tech industry or world, things always move and change but quite often you will find people who will not allow things to be updated or changed because it still works. They’ll say “if it aint broke don’t fix it” to avoid going through the pains and issues if say you wanted to update… Read More »Why the “if it ain’t broke dont fix it” attitude is fatal in IT

Creating the fastest hosting service for wordpress

So you want to host or offer hosting focused around WordPress based websites? Although WordPress is a php based cms that uses SQL and generates frontend code, WordPress by itself is superfast, lightweight and secure. However most WordPress websites use custom themes and plugins which themselves add their own features with some popular plugins containing… Read More »Creating the fastest hosting service for wordpress