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About the Covid-19 Coronavirus and stay safe


About Corona virus + hyped and used as cover for financial meltdown
The coronavirus/covid-19/ccp wuhan virus is a strain of virus that evolved from animals which spread to humans from poor hygiene (common in chinese culture in china) from a wet market. It has spread around the world and caused unnecessary panic, with it is being blamed for economic problems that was already happening and predicted long ago (star trek deep space 9 season 3 episode 11 is an example, accurate prediction “early 2020” from the 90s).

Simple video to explain the virus

Its important to keep a distance as the influenza infects through tough and limited through the air via water droplets. The virus can survive for a few hours on many surfaces (metal and wood/paper are surfaces that pacify them the fastest) but far longer on plastic. Prioritise non plastic packaging, use masks and gloves and remember that even if you don’t feel ill, it takes around 2 weeks before symptoms appear so if you have the opportunity to get tested please do. Do not go to large gatherings, remember to always use disinfectant on surfaces regularly even your clothes and remember to put groceries and deliveries aside first for a few hours (deal with the perishables first using gloves, spray them with disinfectant before freezing them as the virus will last for years frozen). The surface proteins that help the virus stick to cells breakdown outside a suitable environment but takes time and high temperatures can accelerate it. Make sure to take preventative measures and assume that you have the virus even if you dont in taking preventative measures to stop infecting around. If you can avoid spreading the virus around or even getting infected yourself it will be less costly to the economy and healthcare that is already being taxed with insufficient equipment and supplies. Just in the US states are bidding over each other just to purchase the limited number of medical equipment required to deal with the virus.

If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, do not wait and immediately get yourself screened and treated. Even when you are well if you have the opportunity do a screen/test. If you have healed or might be immune that does not mean that others are so make sure to keep following quarantine procedures. Remember to avoid travelling or gathering in groups and travelling altogether, only travel to get necessities for you to survive.

Do not panic buy, things are perishable and dont buy all you can fit for non perishables rather if you buy items for once a week, buy only for twice a week as you do not want to cause a spike in supply and demand and give a reason to make the economic problems even worse.

Keep track of the virus here host:google, source: various and make sure to keep updated with your local news. If you see a country doing well with the virus when the rest of the world isnt, its probably too good to be true as corruption can get involved in messing with the numbers. WHO which was corrupted did a very bad job at preventing the spread of the virus in the first place and praised china unnecessarily despite failing to contain the outbreak or even add hygiene into its culture.

For businesses, its a new way to learn to do business. In the past remote jobs have always been avoided with older people not believing in it (despite guides of newer job types using it with flexible working to improve productivity, reduce costs and burnout).

With all this pandemic people are also spreading fake information. Scrutinise every information with science and logic. Even guides that claim to be from WHO or UNICEF or any other org can be fake. For example one claims that ice cream is bad or that the virus dies at 26C+, which if it were true would’ve meant there’d be no pandemic in the first place because the humand body internally is above 36C and increases with a fever, so if temperature were the only thing to kill the virus, it would not have affected us in the first place. Remember to scrutinise every information or guide heavily by understanding viruses and to avoid so called”cures” (note: death is not a cure as the virus can still spread from a dead body due to cells taking days to die). Assume any info you get about the virus is fake and verify it before attempting to spread it around, as i have been pissed and have had ruined relationships with family because of pointing out obvious fakes viraled all around. If you care about others, don’t viral any information until you are scientifically certain that information is true unless you like sharing in the blame for criminal actions.

With the virus outbreak, it has been used as a reason for economic problems, in truth the economy has already been collapsing and collapsed early this year but the virus was just a convenient excuse. So do not blame the economic problems on the virus but rather the bad habits of everyone and those in position to make decisions having done so poorly. Always remember that borrowing is bad economically. The economic collapses were predicted accurately due to the habits of the debt economy.

Scrutinise the media too, they can end up being a source of bad information.

With western countries hit hard, their practice of systematic greed, corruption and bad education path including media led to the rapid spread of the virus and many deaths, including the attitude of the people that have been getting cold towards others (like the many gatherings in the US despite warnings). For example boris johnson catching the virus by shaking hands with the infected without protective measures shows just how uneducated he is and putting their own royalty in danger by spreading it to them without taking any protective measures. The popularity of these countries also influenced the spread with 3rd world countries being less popular so less infected traveled there compared to the 1st world. How the mighty have fallen.

Stay safe and make sure to follow the quarantine procedures and guidelines to protect you and others from the virus. The more the virus succeeds, the more it gets blamed for economic problems letting the actual source of the problem escape.

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