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About the Covid-19 Coronavirus in malaysia

Malaysia has been doing well in handling the virus, with low death rates, one of the lowest in the world. Malaysia started taking action late, with the new prime minister taking action when the old one didnt by introducing a movement control order and making it strict due to the bad mentality of malaysians not even caring about others by doing things that would spread the virus, such as opening up shop against orders, going out in groups, panic buying, not wearing masks and gloves that the government has had to be strict about it such as fining.

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However borders will still need to be closed even if malaysia eradicates the virus early to avoid travel and infected individuals from coming and it will still take time after the infected have been cured to get rid of traces. The MCO will still have to be enforced for quite a while so follow procedure to stay safe as if the virus goes out of control, there will be many deaths, so care for your loved ones by not going out in groups.

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