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RawSec #6


Date : Friday 26/7/2019
Time : 8.30pm onwards
Location : Systech Bhd (SysArmy HQ)
Hosted by SysArmy, RawSec #6 meetup had a mixture of topics involving cyber security

Recorded Stream (no audio)

Another fully booked RawSec which Started late traditionally by more than half an hour finishing at 11 pm as usual and in need of bigger hall. Today’s SysArmy host had open office concept with art paint all over skin and clothes from the walls. Thanks to SysArmy and all the speakers for their contribution.


About SysArmy
Sysarmy provides comprehensive cyber security solutions, delivering advanced security services to companies from various industries supported by highly qualified and experienced professionals. This expertise enables Sysarmy to provide a wide range of solutions in cyber security including CyberSecurity Monitoring (SOC), CyberSecurity Professional Services and CyberSecurity System Integrations.
Visit for more details.

Food and beverage is provided. Thank you SysArmy for sponsoring the venue. If you like to sponsor or donate for this event, don’t hesitate to contact us :).

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