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To a new year 2020

  • Although late I would like to wish happy new year. Ive recently started a new job with really bad hours so my time to write is severely limited.
  • I would like to wish happy new year and thank the Indonesians for hacking us a few times last year. They provided us an invaluable service for free since pentesting is very expensive and important helping us harden our services. The Indonesians have always been crazy towards Malaysia whenever there is tension in between such as throwing poop at the Malaysian embassy when both nations arrested each other’s fisherman while the Malaysians did not do anything in return as both nations negotiated for the return of their fisherman. In 2019 after some hurtful words were said about Indonesians they proved it right in the manner the fight back, by hacking and from previous years sabotaging Malaysian IT industries.

Last year was terrible, this year too as Malaysians spiral forward with the same destructive mindset while I end up cleaning up messes and the consequences of the actions of others while suffering at the same time.

I’d have like to start with something positive but sadly I don’t have anything positive to say, with fake news and facts being viraled and things hyped like the coronavirus affecting the people I know and creating tensions where there were none and destroying relationships, making my life far more miserable because I do not want to believe false information, not even to smear any groups or individuals mentioned in them for said reasons or to be seen as horrible for not wanting to spend what little time I have to build myself up going to religious courses I already know that my family think I don’t know despite saying otherwise, so too much energy and precious time gets wasted.

All I can say is that I hope that your year will go better than mine and I hope I have time to write about the science to debunk fake news and articles.

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