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UITM Hacking CTF Competition 2019

Getting there

The streaming went off with all sorts of problems so i would like to apologise for the lack of a live stream. Despite having decent internet at campus, all manner of VPN and rmtp were block, so I had to use my limited mobile network to stream what I could which wasn’t certain either if it got through so I am going to have to rely on the recording. Turns out youtube didnt even broadcast the stream.

We arrived the day before, stayed at hotel bestari which had a whopping rm 130 per night, had dinner  at a popular restaurant for students that open outside the campus restaurant opening hours and prepared what we could for streaming/recording the next day.

Next morning we had breakfast at the same place then went to the university to set up the stream and recording and get started with the event. Workshops started first before the guests arrived at the main hall, the meetup started 1 hour after the workshop but also ended 1 hour after them. The participants and guests came from all over, from different universities and some even from a different country.

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